How to get the Sniper Ghillie Suit in Call of Duty

If your preferred character on the popular War game Call of Duty is the Sniper, than you must by now be familiar with the Sniper Camouflage Ghillie Suit. This item is a much prized asset and gives the one shot sniper an extra level of stealth.

( -- November 14, 2013)  -- A Ghillie Suit is used by military snipers as a type of customizable camouflage that can be adapted to the varying environments they are sent to work in.


Ghillie Suits are usually made of burlap or Jute string tied onto netting. You can then use the netting to attach additional vegetation on the field to adapt the pattern. Snipers refer to this as "veging up".

To get the Ghillie Suit advantage in COD, you have to complete a few challenges. Combined, you will need a total of 850 kills.


First go to your squad member page and then go to special. Under special, you will find the operations or challenges you need to complete in order to get the Cobra Suit and the full Ghillie Suit.


The Concealed Cobra Suit covers you from the shoulders down. The Ghillie Suits adds the Head piece for the full effect.


You will need to work your way through 2 Variable Zoom Master Operation Levels and 3 levels of the Chrome Barrel Master Operation for a total of 850 kills. If you just add the Chrome Liner to your rifle and go to work the kills do not count.


  1. In Operations, Weapons Operations, select the Chrome Barrel Master 1 and the Variable Zoom Master I. With this activated you are required to complete 100 kills with these attachments on your rifle.
  2. After 100 kills you go back into the operations screen and unlock a new challenge to level up to the next operation which is Chrome Barrel Master 2 and Variable Zoom Master 2. This requires 250 kills.
  3. After completing another 250 kills you should find the Cobra Suit unlocked. Repeat the same process in the Weapon Operations screen and level up to the Chrome Barrel Master 3. This requires the final 500 kills.


After completing all 5 challenges you will get your Sniper Ghillie Suit Camo and look like a real sniper.

Sniper Ghillie Suit
Sniper Ghillie Suit

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