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No More Vagina For Sharon Osbourne, but new Teardrop Breast Implants?

65-Year-old Sharon Osbourne lied about her plastic surgery procedure to be more ‘flippant’. Surgeons believe she may have secretly received new teardrop breast implants following her successful triumph over cancer.

( -- December 12, 2013) Sydney, NSW -- Sharon Osbourne recently lied about getting plastic surgery done on vagina however many people are starting to question the legitimacy of her claims, as she has claimed of getting a tummy tuck, breast lift, face lift and teardrop breast implants in the past.


Ozzy Osbourne’s wife told Graham Norton on his show that she suffered excruciating pain during a recent procedure, which tightened her vagina. She however retracted her earlier remarks during the Howard Stern show, admitting to the US shockjock that she was simply being flippant and that she didn’t mean anything by it.


Sharon Osbourne holds firm about her previous surgeries insisting that she did receive the tummy tucks, face lifts and teardrop breast implants. She has been quoted as being particularly proud of her surgeon for giving her natural teardrop implants with claims that the implants make her giggle in the morning.


“I love looking at my breast implants, my doctor told me that getting breast implants in the teardrop shape would suit me best and he wasn’t kidding. I get work done because it makes me feel amazing but I was really just being flippant about the vagina tightening. After what I’ve gone through I wouldn’t stuff my vagina.


There’s no point in getting procedures if you can’t see it, my past procedures like my facelift and breast implants have made me feel better about my natural aging however the teardrops from my implants have sagged, maybe I need a lift soon.”


Steve Merten, a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, renowned for specializing in teardrop breast implants believe’s that most women generally perform procedures that are visible. Vagina tightening procedures are usually performed after pregnancy and give women an extra boost of self-esteem.


Merten said, “I believe getting teardrop breast implants to be a life changing process, the teardrop implants are much more realistic than their round counterparts. Women want to feel naturally beautiful which is why for every woman that comes in for round implants there’s 5 more that come in for teardrop breast implants.”


"Sharon has had remarkable work done on her. As a surgeon we can see when work has been done and it’s usually in the finer details. It is our job to know and spot the differences however the goal is to always make a client look natural, spotless and untouched. I don’t pretend to understand Sharon but sometimes people get surgery for attention, she certainly has gotten that in bucket loads. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and it’s not something to joke about or to be taken light heartedly.


"Clients have told me that they have felt like they have gotten a new lease on life following surgery that range from simple procedures like breast augmentation and teardrop breast implants to more complex surgeries like facial reconstructions.


"As plastic surgeons we chase perfection, it is a serious business for us, not a joke.”


Plastic surgery in Australia has risen by over 10% in the last year with Sydney topping the list for both teardrop and round breast implants, face lifts and tummy tucks.


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