Backlink Commando Review and Bonus

Sean Donahoe has produced Backlink Commando which boosts the power of every backlink to your site. This product has been reviewed by Brian Parnall.

( -- December 12, 2013) New York, NY -- Launched at 12pm EST on the 12th December 2013, Backlink Commando promises a revalutionary way to help websites rank higher in the search engines.


This wordpress plugin has been produced by Sean Donahoe an Internet Marketer known for his many products that assist other internet marketers with all things internet marketing.


The product is available for purchase through and is only available online.


This product was developed to ensure backlinks get discovered and given the juice they require.


Donahoe said "Backlinks are still a very staple and necessary diet for sites to rank on Google and the other search engines. Marketers are forever producing great content for the search engines, however, sometimes this content does not get the authority it should or in even worse cases even found.


When a backlink is not found, we call that not indexed. which is a bad thing as it does not send the positive ranking signals to help a website rank."


Brian Parnall another respected marketer said "I used Sean's previous tool that was called Backlink Booster. It was awesome. This is a revamped, even more powerful tool and I can not wait to get it on all my sites."


Parnall also said "This plugin gives every peice of content that you produce everything that they should rightly be given. It pings them and more importanly, through using OnlyWire, provides extremly valuable social signals."


Parnall has managed to gain a number of additional bonuses from Donahoe along with this review here.

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