Once Homeless Man Now Helps Thousands

Once Homeless Man Now Helps Thousands Make Money Online

New Video reveals how the pressure of being homeless caused David to change his thinking and create one of a fastest growing home based business opportunities.

(Newswire.net -- April 2, 2013) Tampa, Florida -- For many being homeless might over take their thinking process. After all, when you don’t have a home to live in, how can you worry about creating an extremely successful home based business opportunity that has empowered thousands onto their own success path.

That is exactly what David Wood did while homeless and living in a van. He conceived the concept of building an online home based business platform that recently reached 100,000 Affiliates in its first 18 months.

It takes extreme pressure to create diamonds.

David had made the choice to be homeless, to live in a van. His non-home living quarters was not perfect, it was a 1996, green, Dodge Caravan.

It leaked too, but not from faulty construction. David wanted somewhere for his wife to be able to hang her clothes, so he did what every clear thinking man would in that situation; he drilled a hole in the roof.

This caused a new problem for David, the van now leaked when it rained so David drilled another hole in the floorboard so that the rain water could drain out the bottom.

Eventually, the police caught onto David and his wife's living situation and made it clear that it was unacceptable, not against the law, just not acceptable.

The pressure became to much and David made the decision to stop going down this road. This road of being broke and living in a van was initially by choice. But eventually the pressure of these circumstances that David created became to much.

David decided he needed to change. He said “You know what I did. This is the funny thing. I just said, F-this, and I just changed. You know how long it took me to create an unbelievable life? RIGHT THEN!

After the decision was made to change, it was only a matter of time before he was able to actually do something about it.

As Tony Rush says, “You are the product of your best thinking.” That statement rings true in the life of David Wood and probably the lives of many who are reading this. 

From that one moment and that one decision David created the Empower Network to help break down the barriers that stop many persons from earning money online. The barriers like not having proper training, a simplified viral platform, and a solid commission structure.

Through mutually beneficial partnerships, Empower Network has been able to fully automate earning money online by providing a simple step by step blueprint for making money with a viral blogging platform.

The Empower Network was built on the principals of blogging, telling others, and making money.

Simple things that many people are already doing, at least two out of three of those things.

David believes that whatever the situation may be, you can create the change that you want in your life, and you can create it now. Now is the time to take action and start making money.

For people looking to change you don’t have to go all the way down to living on the streets with homeless people before you decide, “Enough is enough.”

Ready to change? Looking for an online business? Watch this video and hear the "inside story" straight from David and realize that you are a diamond you just have to make the decision.


Once Homeless Man Now Helps Thousands Make Money Online

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