Luxury Car Hire Nice Airport And Munich Airports Increasing

Luxury Car Hire Europe are seeing increasing popularity in enquiries for renting luxury cars in Nice airport and Munich airport for exotic cars such as high end Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghinis.

( -- 7th August, 2013) Europe, EU -- Luxury Car Hire Europe have just announced extended airport car hire services for both Nice airport and Munich airports. The discerning traveller who requires state of the art vehicles is rarely concerned with the cost, preferring to have exactly what he or she requires in the way of transport and comfort which is precisely what Luxury Car Hire Europe offers.

The company says that some of their high end clients not only know the make, model and year of the car they require, but sometimes even the colour. Other clients have no particular preference and are prepared to be guided just so long as their requirement for speed and comfort is met together with being met at the airport of their choice.

Clients may have many different criteria and most demand total flexibility which is the speciality of Luxury Car Hire Europe. For example, a client might arrive at Munich airport and require a Ferrarr but have several pieces of luggage. In this case they might ask Luxury Car Hire Europe to collect their luggage and deliver it to their hotel with a chauffeur driving it in another car. With Luxury Car Hire Europe anything is possible.

The company has positioned itself to offer clients whatever services they require, whenever they need them. Their philosophy is very simply that their clients can have whatever services they are willing to pay for. This includes providing prestige car rentals of all types and meeting them at airports such as Nice or Munich at any time of day or night. Professional and friendly service is their watchword.

Clients have many different needs. For example, one client who was taking a wine-tasting tour required a chauffeur to drive him for a fortnight for rather obvious reasons. Another decided that he would like to drive a Bentley Continental for part of his trip and then switch to a Maserati for the last few days. Luxury Car Hire Europe met him at his first destination. collected the Bentley and handed him the keys to the Maserati. He then decide that he wanted to stay in Europe for an extra two days and leave from a different airport on a different flight. The company simply fitted in with his change of plan and collected the Maserati from the new airport.

Luxury Car Hire in the 21st century is actually not as expensive as it used to be and the difference between a luxury car and a regular car is of little importance to those who demand the best and are prepared to pay for it. Many of the clients will at some point finish up at one of the sunny resorts in France, Italy or Spain, although the original pick up point might be in Munich, Paris or Amsterdam. Nonetheless, driving a beautiful luxury car along the highways of Europe is an experience to be savoured and Luxury Car Hire Europe make that pleasure come true for each and every one of their clients.

For more information contact Luxury Car Hire Europe on their website at:, or simply use their contact form or call one of the 35 European Offices.

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