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Obamacare Confusion Marketing Win for Florida Health Insurance Agents

“Find a need and fill it”. Astute Florida health insurance agents can use new effective online marketing now to get out in front of the confusion and gain clients. Confusion is a marketing opportunity if you know what you are doing.

(Newswire.net -- October 10, 2013) Chicago, Illinois --  Obamacare has been the biggest change in US health insurance since the 1960s when Medicare was introduced. Insurance agents have had to face undeserved criticism and lack of respect for their expertise in helping their clients handle their health insurance needs over the years. The Florida healthcare exchanges are not functioning. Politicians are active. People in Florida need health insurance and they are getting confusion.


Confusion and change are marketing opportunities.


Without change there is no opportunity. The opportunity is not always immediately obvious. Change, in this case introduces new elements into the business. Insurance agents who have spent years if not decades working in the business, taking care of clients, watching their families grow, knowing about their clients situations and being a trusted member of their financial team are being mailigned in the press and by the government. Health insurance has been an integral part of their clients financial and healthcare wellbeing. Now, agents can step out of the confusion and do what experienced agents do best, get things done.


The government has taken an attitude that health insurance agents are an unnecessary expense.


The position is that agents can be replaced by people with no experience in this industry. Success as an insurance agent is much more than knowing the mechanics of a product. It is knowing and caring about people andgetting things by solving their client's problems.


Agents are only paid when they solve their client's problem. 


Agents are only paid by results, not by the hour, not by the time but by their ability to get things done for their clients. Now is an opportune time for astute insurance agents to build their business client base by getting out in front of the change and confusion. An experienced agent is the order in the chaos. 


In 1994 Florida introduced Community Health Purchasing Alliances, CHPA. 


Agents saw huge changes. Commissions had been cut tremendously. CHPA was confusing. There were many insurance carriers involved.


It applied to businesses from 2 to 50 and had a special inclusion for the self-employed and one person businesses. Small businesses could choose from any carrier they wanted in a CHPA plan. This meant that one employee could have a Aetna plan, one employee could have a United Healthcare plan and one employee could have a Wellcare plan all within the same group plan. Everyone could be included no matter their health conditions.


Most agents missed the opportunity entirely. 


This disrupted their relationship with their clients. It affected their commission levels and created a great deal more work. The opportunity was that the plans were guaranteed issue. Agents could enroll anyone in the business without any concern about whether they would be approved by underwriting or not.


The opportunity was in getting out in front and enrolling as many people as quickly as possible.


People didn’t want to have to figure all of this out, they simply wanted to get it done. The electrical contractor didn’t want to become an insurance expert on every carrier and plan. They just wanted to be enrolled and go back to doing what they do. The CPA, the law firm the plumber and any other business wanted to do what they do, their own businesses.


People and businesses needed someone that could come in and focus on what they needed.


They needed to get enrolled in an appropriate plan and on their way. Experienced health insurance agents not only know what the plan says but how they work in the world. That is learned from experience in the field.  


The agent needs to understand and know his plans so well that he/she can focus on and find out what is critical to the person calling. It will be the cost but also might be finding a plan their doctor is in.


In order to make this work an agent needs to be extremely efficient. First, people and businesses wanting insurance need to be able to find you easily. Today, unlike 1994, the first place most people go is to search online.


They will search for Florida Obamacare, Florida health insurance and Florida healthcare exchanges. 


On a Google search, the first Google result gets 33% and goes down from there. Google has recently made big changes and that is an opportunity for any agent online. A Florida health insurance agent's problem should be how can I handle all the calls.


People are confused. They want to get things handled.  Make it easy for them.


Make it easy for clients to find you, easy to pick a plan, easy to enroll and easy to get back to what they do. They need to get back to their jobs, their lives and their family. You, as an experienced insurance agent can get many, many new clients if you act quickly now and get out in front of the confusion. Clients tend to stay with their agent so the client base you build now can grow with you for years to come.


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John K Arnold has over 30 years in domestic and international health insurance. He has over 15 years marketing and doing business online. This includes having top health insurance websites in Florida from the late 1990s. He no longer does domestic health insurance but does offer professional Press Releases as a Newswire featured author. Contact now and get started as only a select few can be at the top.


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Obamacare Confusion Marketing Win for Florida Health Insurance Agents
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