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How to Send Out a Press Release - The New Hire Press Release

Press releases are a powerful way to announce changes in your business, and also a great way to keep your business in front of your customers. One way to stay in front to your audience is the new hire press release. With sample of 'new hire' press release

(Newswire.net -- October 16, 2013) Camarillo, CA -- Press releases are a powerful, but under-utilized, way to get your business message in front of your customers. S search engines that need fresh content and press releases get special treatment and appear in search results almost immediately. The better Press Release services actively syndicate press releases by sending them to other publishers. These syndicated ‘pick-ups’ or re-prints of your article means your PRs may show up in 100s of other sites.


The ‘New Hire Press Release’ can let people know that you have new talent, and at the same time high-light the improvements in service the new hire brings. Rather than just note there is a new agent, representative or team member, the press release can showcase the stellar service your business has and show how new personnel will improve it even more.


Your customers actually do want to know they can expect shorter wait times, faster delivery or more personal attention when they call your help desk. The press release is a quick way to spread the word.


Distributing Your Press Release

Once your press release is written, it is time to distribute it to the media. There are many ways to get you story published, some free and some paid with varying levels of success and cost.


Free press release sites tend to be low performing. Publishing may be slow (or non-existent), pick-ups may or may not occur, and usually have poor visibility when they are published. Google ‘Free Press Release Sites’ for a list of PR sites, or see this blog post on free PR sites tested.


Paid, or ‘Premium’, press release services start around $20 and move up rapidly. What differs (besides the costs) are the features the platform offers (SEO, images, videos, custom links, etc.) and the syndication channels they port your PR into. Prices start near $20 but quickly rise to several hundred dollars for wide distribution. Expect to pay upwards of $800 to submit your PR to the highest echelons.


In The News PR” uses Newswire and its syndication partners for initial PR distribution, but also publishes through number of news properties such as Western Business Journal, Small Business Trendsetters and others selected for their syndication. Total number of readers your PR will get depends on many factors including the headline, description, topic, breaking news, trending topics – even the time of day and day of the week influence results.


‘In the News PR’ releases on Newswire are generally read by over 1,000 people within a day, and many get 3,000 readers. When one considers the time it takes to get that many readers to a blog post, or the cost of several thousand paid clicks, the Press Release becomes a very attractive alternative to other forms of advertising.


Format for the ‘New Hire Press Release’

Your Headline: (<64 characters, <Business Name> <City> Welcomes <Employee Name>)


Abstract (or Description): (<256 characters. Who, what, where, when. This summary tells the story and sells the click through to read the whole article.)


Dateline: (Includes source, date plus your city and state. Formats vary)


Story: <City> <Business> is proud to welcome new team member <Employee>. <Employee> fills the company’s need for <business process>.

<Employee>’s experience in <business process> <area/location/specialties> will help <business> provide improved/faster <service>.

<Employee>’s past experience <include pertinent experience> allows/gives <advantages>. (This area is appropriate for background, interests, experience that will benefit your customers).


(The body should be ~300 to 450 words, written in 3rd person and an objective tone. The best PRs are stories, not advertisements. The body ends with a line containing 3 ‘hash marks’ followed by your company contact information.)

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