Garcinia Cambogia Extract Found Not Toxic

Once the weight-loss benefits of garcinia cambogia extract were championed by Doctor Oz, the toxicity of the extract came under question do to its incredible effectiveness. After testing, researchers have found the extract to be perfectly safe.

( -- November 8, 2013)  -- Having been labeled as "the holy grail of weight loss" by Dr. Oz on his television program, the weight-watching public immediately took note of garcinia cambogia extract, which truly seemed too good to be true. As more people began experiencing substantial weight loss during trials for the extract created from the fruit, speculation rose about its toxicity levels. The belief was that a product so effective in weight loss trials must have serious drawbacks.

However, various independent studies have shown that garcinia cambogia is safe to use for a number of reasons. Even studies with the most negative outcomes in regards to the extract, the findings were simply deemed inconclusive, which means that it has one of the best track records for studied extracts in history.

"Physiology & Behavior", one of the highest-regarded and heavily peer-reviewed journals in the world, held a study covering the effects of hydroxycitric acid on appetite suppression and modification. Using a group of 89 overweight subjects, 47 of which took a placebo as the control group, those who were using the active supplement from garcinia cambogia lost significantly more weight than the control. "Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism" and the "Journal of Medicinal Chemistry", also both well-respected journals, found similar results to those from the "Physiology & Behavior" study on hydroxycitric acid.

Though so much research has proven the beneficial effects of garcinia cambogia extract, there are still a number of people who are skeptical of the products advantageous uses. For those people, they can receive a free trial of the supplement through this company to test the product themselves. This offer gives curious parties the opportunity to experience firsthand the multitude of weight loss, behavioral and health benefits linked directly to hydroxycitric acid.

Likewise, people happy with their current weight may still find considerable uses for the extract. Many use garcinia cambogia to help alleviate symptoms of edema, intestinal parasites, menstruation pains and irregularities, constipation and rheumatism. That being the case, there is very little wonder why this supplement is now incredibly popular in the health and wellness community and is being recommended by doctors and researchers who have seen the effects in once-problematic patients. 

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