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SociSynd Review Reveals The Power Behind Crowd Sourced Social Media Marketing

New SociSynd review by online reputation management consultant Rick Porter reveals the simplicity, ease, and effectiveness of the SociSynd social media marketing software.

(Newswire.net -- November 12, 2013)  Boston, MA -- The importance of using social media to promote a business or brand online is essential to the success.  Unfortunately for most new businesses getting started online it can be difficult to pick up steam and get those first initial social shares from other users within social networks which can help to raise them up in the search engine rankings naturally and safely. 


Finally there exists a simple solution for anyone that needs a social media syndication kickstart to get their business campaigns running.  SociSynd is a social media syndication system that uses crowd marketing.  This means that SociSynd draws its power and effectiveness from a large base of users across the world that work together to share each others content within the most popular social networking sites.  SociSynd is so effective at creating social signals from these powerful networks that it was recently listed as one of the top 3 link building tools for online reputation management as a way to increase the search engine rankings for a brands social media profiles.


In a new SociSynd review Rick Porter shows on video how quick and simple it is to setup effective and long lasting campaigns that deliver results almost immediately.  The ability to be able to import the posts from an RSS feed makes it incredibly easy to setup posts rather than having to take the time to enter each post separately.  A SociSynd user can quickly import their feeds from their blog, Youtube channel, press release service, or any other outlet to populate their posts to be up in running within minutes.


Also revealed in the SociSynd review is the initial setup which requires setting up the social networks that the user will add to the crowd based system.  Users that lack the time to setup Socisynd may opt for a "Done For You" DFY service that takes care of everything from account creation to connecting the accounts to the social media syndication system.


Overall SociSynd is an extremely safe link building tool as well since the links that it builds are "naked links" or plain URL's rather than using any type of anchor text.  Additionally the sites within the SociSynd system are very high authority and trusted by Google.


"I've used SociSynd for online reputation management, affiliate marketing, ranking blogposts, Youtube videos, and to boost social profiles for clients.  I've been testing for nearly 3 months now which is a fair time frame to decide if something is really worthwhile to promote and recommend to others", said Porter.


A $1 SociSynd Trial is available to anyone that wants to give it a test run for their own business.


About: Rick Porter is a fulltime affiliate marketing professional and online reputation management consultant. 



Rick Porter


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