New Video Reveals Easy Belly Fat Loss Alternative, and independent review website, has promoted a video presentation divulging how Leptiburn facilitates the loss of belly fat through stimulating fat loss hormones.

( November 27, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA - The popularity of leptin supplement, Leptiburn increases daily in popularity worldwide.  Many people who are tired of fat loss programs that do not live up to their promises are asking if Leptiburn truly works., a trusted review website, has released a video from BioTrust Nutrition that demonstrates how Leptiburn provides an assured fat loss solution.  This diet focuses on stimulating the fat loss hormone Leptin.  Leptin regulates the metabolism, plus the rest of the fat burning hormones that burn belly fat.  

Leptin is responsible for regulating all fat loss hormones.  Without the ability to manage Leptin, it is next to impossible to lose weight.  People who adhere to rigorous diets actually inhibit Leptin sensitivity and decrease their Leptin levels all together.  This is known as Leptin resistance.  Leptin resistance is the reason these people fail to lose weight.  The video shows three steps that can be followed for a mere thirty seconds per day that will help people obliterate Leptin resistance.  

Step one is geared at having one cheat day each week where a person overeats.  This will aid in increasing Leptin levels.  The second step involves increasing the intake of carbohydrates the day following the cheat day.  By adding more carbohydrates following the cheat day, the body’s Leptin sensitivity will be increased. Eating a single ingredient natural food will help increase sensitivity too.  Leptiburn stands out from other Leptin supplements because it includes Oleanolic Acid, Gabonensis, Panax Notoginseng, Modifilan, and YerbaX. 

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About is a website that is dedicated to providing genuine, unbiased reviews regarding the ever popular fat loss product Leptiburn.  The company has exhaustively scrutinized Leptiburn to identify the clandestine reason for its popularity.

New Video Reveals Easy Belly Fat Loss Alternative
Burn Belly Fat Easily

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