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Mexican Food Enters Tampa at Cross Creek

La Fuente Real Mexican Restaurant in the Cross Creek mall area of Tampa has opened its doors to welcome in the New Tampa community and neighborhood for a delightful taste of real Mexican food.



(—March 6, 2013) Tampa, FL—Great restaurants are born every day, but how many can actually lay claim to offering the type of cuisine that aficionados of a particular style of food flock to?  La Fuente Real Mexican Restaurant entered the New Tampa area with a flair for authentic and fresh made Mexican food every day.  Why is this such a big deal?  It is because there is an over supply of fast food and franchise chains that offer the food that American families have become so accustomed.


The principals of La Fuente have adopted the notion that even though it takes a bit longer to cook and prepare their menu, the patrons keep coming back with rave reviews.  When the rice and beans arrive with whatever meat of choice is selected, it is obvious that the food is not canned, nor is it sitting in a steam table or warmer that has been cooked before. 


There is a freshness that smells rich and delicious but even the colors and texture are different to the touch and sight.  Such freshness is not to be taken for granted when eating out is indeed a luxury for families in this Cross Creek New Tampa bedroom community.  The demographics here are strong working class professionals that carefully pick and choose which restaurants are going to get there vote with their wallet.  It is not only their spending that they vote with but also their time.  With two earners working to keep their families going, this choice is an important distinction.


Mexican food in Tampa is not without its fair share of competition, however it is rare to see a family owned business like La Fuente open its doors with a clean and hearty atmosphere that steals the hearts and passions of its local community.  Mexican food is often taken for granted until people realize that there are clear differences when food is made to order with originality.  The cut of the meats and the accompaniments that share a plate in their presentation all join together to establish that special experience for eating a unique meal in a dining room more like home than restaurant. 

For a true and authentic Mexican food experience, come and visit La Fuente Real Mexican Restaurant at    (813) 454-3212

10032 Cross Creek Blvd   Tampa, Fl 33647

Mexican Food Enters Tampa at Cross Creek
Roger Rubio

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