1500 People Joined Cooking Classes FB Page In One Week

With a simple Facebook page CookingClassesSanDiegoCa.com got over 1500 people to join their community in a single week.

(Newswire.net -- March 13, 2013) San Diego, California - Unless their owners have launched a widespread publicity campaign, it usually takes a long time for a simple Facebook pages to get noticed. Most community pages languish for months, even years, with only a few hundred likes at best, never really taking off and never enjoying the benefits that having a Facebook page can give them.

Not so with the I Love Cooking page. Over 1,500 people said yes in the first week since its launch. And the likes keep on coming without any signs of stopping yet.

"The response to our Facebook page is overwhelming," states Anna Moore, spokesperson of the I Love Cooking page. "I'm really, really excited about it."

I Love Cooking Facebook page was launched as a tie-up to the CookingClassesSanDiegoCa.com website, which promotes cooking classes in San Diego area and provides trending news about variety of subjects when it comes to cooking.

"It's hard not to be excited about the culinary scene in San Diego," shares Anna Moore, who lives in San Diego. "We have lots of restaurants here, and some of them are considered to be the best in the world. People travel to San Diego just for the food."

"Also, established chefs like Chef Deborah Scott of Indigo Grill and up-and-coming names like Peohe's Chef David Bland and Sea Rocket Bistro's Chef Tommy Fraioli have made San Diego their home," adds Anna Moore "The presence of these top chefs has made the San Diego culinary scene truly exciting."

But according to CookingClassesSanDiegoCa.com, one does not have to go out and dine to be able to enjoy the culinary offerings of San Diego. One can simply become a home gourmand and create wonderful meals in their own kitchen. San Diego's access to fresh meats, seafood and local produce make this possible.

"San Diego is a great city for home chefs," says Anna Moore. "A trip to a farmer's market here will yield fresh, choice ingredients for your table without busting your budget. Not only do you get to indulge your inner foodie here, you can experiment with the best seasonal ingredients in your own kitchen."

"That's actually one of the reasons why we have launched our cooking classes san diego site and our I Love Cooking page on Facebook. We want people to get excited about home cooking, especially aspiring home cooks in San Diego," says Anna Moore. "And we want people to know that San Diego is really a foodie's paradise. Having more than a thousand people liking our Facebook page is a big, positive sign that people are really interested in learning to cook like a San Diegan."

CookingClassesSanDiegoCA.com is a website owned by a group of people who possess a passion for cooking but have nonetheless built careers outside the culinary industry.

For more information please visit http://www.cookingclassessandiegoca.com.

1500 People Joined Cooking Classes FB Page In One Week
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