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NFC Technology Companies - Boosting the Marketplace in North America

It is expected that there will be 500 million mobile devices with active NFC technology by 2014. We will watch the market in North America follow the lead of Asia and Europe, as we have countless times before with other technologies.

(Newswire.net -- April 9, 2013) Toronto, ON -- Many Near Field Communication pilot programs in the UK, Europe and Asia are complete, and have been rolling out for the last few years.

"We are a few steps behind, but the timing will be perfect as device manufacturers all jump on board.” says Andrew Powell, a Creative Solutions Consultant at NFC Tags Technology.

All recent indicators hint that Apple will release the iPhone 5S or 6 with NFC capability this Summer. When that happens, the large majority of live devices on the market will be compatible with this new technology.

“That appeared to be our biggest hurdle in North America – the advertising agencies were waiting to see what Apple was going to do.” Andrew added to his statement.

NFC Tags Technology has recently partnered with TapMeTags; both companies are based out of Toronto, Canada. They provide white-label solutions for Advertising agencies and companies looking to empower their brand and make a PR statement, and ship anywhere in the world.

Andrew from NFC Tags Technology felt that the timing is right for Canadian and American companies to strongly consider NFC for their Summer and Fall strategies: “We want to work with the companies that take calculated risks, and acknowledge the return on those risks when you adopt a technology like NFC at such an early stage of implementation.”

The company has been assembling campaigns with some notable Canadian communications companies and US corporations that are ready to gain some traction in the future comings of brand-to-consumer interaction. He mentions to keep an eye on their site for updates on the companies that are taking the steps to becoming industry leaders.

“Our current clients are recognizing the free PR that comes with being an early adopter of a technology. When we hear from a company and they are the first in their industry to consider NFC, we get as excited as they do.”

It is an exciting time for a technology with endless opportunities; from mobile payments, interactive posters and print campaigns, to on-the-fly shopping. The data mining side of this technology is an outstanding chance for companies that are left in the dark during execution of their marketing.

There is a comprehensive list that's updated daily on NFC World. They track new advertising campaigns and innovative ways that companies are utilizing NFC chip technology. They sort the information by country so you can follow the industry leaders in your nation.


For pricing strategies and partnership opportunities contact:

NFC Tags Technology

Andrew Powell, Creative Solutions Consultant 

(647) 931-6387










NFC Technology Companies - Boosting the Marketplace in North America
NFC Technology Companies

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