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Mobile Website Design Award won in Sydney Attributed to Marketing Strategy

Dennis O'Brien owner of Mobilcom says it's great to receive an award for mobile website design but one must continually monitor what they're doing in the market place

(Newswire.net  -- May 21, 2013) Sydney, Australia -- The life span of a business these days is around five years on average. So what Dennis O'Brien said makes perfect sense. Like any other business, unless you have a marketing strategy to help grow your business you're unlikely to succeed.

O'Brien attributes a solid business plan to his recent award for best mobile website design. Many businesses gave Mobilcom preferences over more established web design companies. That was in a recent survey about mobile website design for business and how it impacts on the small business community. Dennis is quoted as saying "If a business is to remain competitive they need to focus on one thing, the customer."

After doing a little digging online I discovered this to be part of many current conversations regarding customer service. There are many with the idea a business should concentrate on two basic functions - a marketing plan and introducing something new. The customer is right at the heart of both.

Perhaps this is the reason many were drawn to one particular element of the business strategy Mobilcom employs. That is having potential clients look at examples of a mobile website design on their own mobile phone. This is the one innovation that stands out about Mobilcom which most of the participants in the survey agreed with.

I pressed Dennis O'Brien further on the elements he considers that are important when approaching a potential customer. Much of what he had to say contained quite important points so I thought I should share them:

"A little prior research into the business and the product range helps. It puts the client at ease. It shows you appreciate their niche. Knowing a little about their clients shows you appreciate how their product fits into the market. It can help to get the potential client to open up a little about their target audience.
If a user has found their business from local search results they already have a need. If the potential client can provide "an irresistible offer" for those on the go (mobile users) they will interact with the mobile website."

There is a good message here. That is no matter what your product your success is only measured by the amount of research you put in to making your business grow. There are diplomas, degrees or even mini-courses available in Business Studies and should be looked at by anybody considering starting any form of enterprise. 

It’s not easy to formulate a marketing strategy or to write a business plan. Because it is so important there are many books available from sources everywhere.  One of the most trusted sources for books on the subject is the Amazon website. It’s also a good idea to sit down with somebody who is experienced.

So the essence of this response by Mobilcom is no matter if your business is promoting mobile website design or selling latest designer clothing, a strong marketing strategy coupled with a solid business plan will allow your business to grow.


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Toukley NSW 2263

Contact: Dennis O'Brien
Email: djobrien@mobilcom.com.au
Phone: +61 02 4396-8917
Website: http://www.mobilcom.com.au

Mobile Website Design Award won in Sydney Attributed to Marketing Strategy
Mobile Website Design Award won in Sydney

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