Release of Google Hangout Plugin Announced

Google Hangout technology just got a boost from WordPress plugin developer, Walt Bayliss. Using his plugin it is now possible to set up and record a hangout with the same advantages of webinar technology without all the drawbacks.

( -- June 2, 2013) Melbourne, Australia -- Entrepreneur, technology geek and web developer, Walt Bayliss, announced a new software which improves Google hangouts.

The hangout technology is extremely popular with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Conan O'Brien, John Mayer, the Black Eyed Peas and even President Obama.

Said Bayliss, "It's going to be huge.... It's so easy to use and amazingly powerful to put into place."

Google Hangouts are the medium of choice because of high quality video and ease of use. A person can instantly connect with their family and friends or a business person can connect with his or her prospects, customers and clients. Numbers of attendees can range from a few to even hundreds of thousands. It is relatively simple to learn how to set up and use a hangout.

According to Bayliss, he got very excited at the prospect of using Google Hangouts for his business, but was soon disappointed when he learned that hangouts aren't optimized for webinars.

It is very easy to miss a hangout without the usual reminders one receives for webinars.

He also found there was no easy way to collect registrations and no way to set up follow ups and broadcast messages for important messages.

There was no way to connect the hangout to an auto responder. From a businessman's perspective this was not making a whole lot of sense.

He took the time to let his imagination run wild and thought of how great it would be to run webinars without incurring the expensive monthly fees on a robust platform that virtually anyone can use.

Many of the popular webinar hosting companies provide caps to the number of attendees and recording can be hit or miss.

Bayliss developed a WordPress plugin which sets up quickly and provides several variations of opt-in or landing pages. This way a person can target their audience and also grow their list. WordPress is an industry standard software to set up any type of web page. It is also free.

With Bayliss' plugin, it is easy to send reminders and follow ups to attendees, and to run unlimited numbers of webinars with any number of attendees with no extra fees.

The replay is available instantly.

Bayliss is so excited to get his product out to the public he slashed the price for the launch which ends June 5th. After the launch, the price point will most likely go up with an additional monthly maintenance fee.

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Release of Google Hangout Plugin Announced
Google Hangout Plugin

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