Solve Captchas Including ReCaptcha MegaOcr Services

Solve Captchas Including ReCaptcha MegaOcr Services

( -- June 03, 2013) Overland Park, KC -- Solve Captchas Including ReCaptcha MegaOcr Services. MegaOcr Solve Captchas, Over 1000 captcha types including Google's ReCaptcha Service with ease!

The amount of trouble hackers are creating has increased tremendously. Every now and then important information is leaked out because of these so called computer geniuses. The passwords that we think cannot be unlocked are dealt with easily. Cant there be something that can save us from these hackers. Some developers have come up with a new way to safeguard our websites and accounts, CAPTCHA MegaOcr Services a newfound way of creating security where even computers are not able to solve the information. This is to create security, and only humans can solve CAPTCHA, this means the risk is minimized.

The older version of CAPTCHAS that were used were very much not accessible to the bots but new softwares were made in order to recognize it, and then even these CAPTCHAS were accessed through bots. Thus CAPTCHA MegaOcr Services decoding gained optimum importance. The reason the older CAPTCHAS did not last for long is that it used nothing different but just was written in a font that the bots could not recognize that. This is not the case with the modern (recent) ones. This time around they have been made much more difficult to solve for the bots where the words are fitted in a very messy manner, To add to the difficulties of the bots the words are cut by a passing line (horizontally as well as vertically) making the task even more difficult to the bots.

Another way that has been used to make it more complicated is that the words are written one over the other; also the words are written in different texts, where some are written in capital letters, whereas some are written in smaller alphabets. Some words are written in letters and some are mixed up with words, and many more different ways.

All these new ways that are used to make the bots ineffectual have worked to a great extent, where many have used this to create security for their websites. Even normal people for their surreptitious use have found the CAPTCHAS difficult to deal with where they are left guessing about it and found asking for help. This new system that seems quite difficult for the bots to solve is because there are no bots created that can counter CAPTCHA with the current technology.

The new technology that is used to save our useful information from the bots is a better cheat code for us that cannot be accessed unless a human is trying to solve it. So if you own a website, you can opt for CAPTCHA MegaOcr Services as it is renowned for its advantages. Many established companies are using this, such as yahoo, Microsoft, and others. So many websites have accepted CAPTCHA, as computers (bots) are unable to decode it. There are many sites that can get you a CAPTCHA MegaOcr Services to be used for your web site. Developers of these sites are also trying to keep in touch with the latest technology of bots, and see to it that they cannot access it. For this the latest of techniques are used. This will keep our important information, passwords, away from a possible threat from the bots.

Solve Captchas Including ReCaptcha MegaOcr Services


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Solve Captchas Including ReCaptcha MegaOcr Services
Solve Captchas Including ReCaptcha MegaOcr Services

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