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“Kevin Trudeau” and Global Information Network latest News

This official article of "Kevin Trudeau's Latest Court Case and Global Information Network(GIN) Update" has been compiled from all of the latest information available from credible third party sources.

( -- June, 18th 2013) Spokane, WA –"Kevin Trudeau" is by far the most controversial, most notorious TV infomercial pitchman in history.

Trudeau is currently battling in court against the Federal Trade Commissions for misleading advertising for his bestselling book “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”

On the episode of ABC's show “The Lookout” He claimed that he has no assets and cannot pay his $37 Million fine. He has also stated on the show that he is not the owner of the Global Information Network (A multi-level marketing organization that reveals the “secret” to success)

According to Trudeau, he is just an affiliate of the organization. Contradicting his claims that him and 29 other Billionaires, and members of secret societies founded the Global Information Network. This is not the only outrageous claim Kevin has made in the past. Trudeau stated that he knows the secret to December 21st 2012 on his YouTube Channel on May 2012.

On The ABC “The Look Out” Trudeau stated that he is one of the few people that said nothing is going to happen on December 21st 2012: Once again, contradicting some of the claims that he has made in the past. Trudeau has also made claims such as being a member of a secret society known as “The Brotherhood”. He claims that he left the organization so that he can share the world his “secret to success”.

Trudeau has also claimed that he has seen an alien at Area 51. The list goes on with weird claims Trudeau has made in the past.

Recently "Trudeau" came out and made an update on his YouTube Channel asking for donations to battle the FTC.

Kevin stated “I need your support Go to and make a donation I need your support”


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The GIn, and Kevin Trudeau news coming out is not what many want to hear but it is the truth. Often we become hopeful of a better way and grandiose promises often lure us into bad situation. If anything has come from this situation it is that others will once again look for wolves in sheep's clothing before handing over their hard earned money to a stranger.


Devon Mahdi

Marketing Consultant & Coach

“Kevin Trudeau” and Global Information Network latest News
Kevin Trudeau

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