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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a Kitchen - Tips From Seattle Remodeling Contractor

Brian Walker Seattle General Contractor exposes 7 worst mistakes homeowners make when they remodel a kitchen.

(Newswire.net -- 25 June 2013) Seattle, WA -- Seattle General Contractor Brian Walker gave valuable tips to homeowners who think about kitchen remodeling.

#1: Hiring a disreputable contractor

   Homeowners often make the mistake of hiring a contractor who is not reputable. In cases like this, customers hire a contractor who has either bad reviews or no reviews at all. Often when homeowners opt for a contractor without first doing the proper research, the results are severely disappointing. A disreputable contractor can produce low-quality work at an unfair price, costing homeowners more in the long run. When hiring a contractor, you should conduct thorough background checks: ask how long they have been in business and about their prior work experience with projects similar to your own. Check up on references to see if they are reliable.   

#2: Not requiring license, insurance and bonding

   In an attempt to avoid increased costs, some homeowners hire unlicensed or “green” contractors. This means that they do not have a professional license or the proper insurance or bonds. However, without these professional safeguards, homeowners could be faced with higher costs in the long run if something should go wrong. For instance, if there is an injury on the job site, or the project is left unfinished or the quality of the work is poor, the homeowner may be forced to pay costs beyond their reach. Bottom line: hiring an unlicensed contractor leaves the customer unprotected; always check for proper license, insurance, and bonding.  

#3: Disregarding a local city code

   Depending on the size and extensive nature of a kitchen renovation, a building permit may be required. If a project is started without first acquiring the proper permit, the city may issue a stop work order and a fine, or may take other disciplinary action. In addition, kitchen remodels must abide by a city code, including health and safety requirements, as well as electrical, mechanical, and residential codes. Inability to comply with such codes may lead to fines and increased remodeling costs in order to renovate any code violations.

#4: Ordering wrong materials

   Homeowners may try to order their own materials to save money, but this plan often backfires. In many cases, homeowners order a wrong material or a wrong amount, wasting valuable time and money. If the wrong material is ordered, sometimes there is no guarantee that the manufacturer will exchange the material without compensation. Always consult with your remodeling contractor to ensure that the proper materials and amounts are ordered.

#5: Forgetting about lighting

   In most cases, electrical work is the first step in both kitchen and bathroom renovations. If the project is started without first considering the proper electrical work that will be required, the results may be costly and significantly stall progress. Make sure to consult with a contractor about electrical work; often contractors will subcontract electricians if they are not qualified to do electrical work themselves. Remember to consult city codes when planning lighting.   

#6: Taking wrong measurements

   It is very common for homeowners to record the wrong measurements when remodeling their kitchen. Mistakes are often made when measuring cabinets, doors, and windows, which may lead to errors in ordering the proper  materials. Always double check measurements and work with a trusted contractor in order to ensure quality and efficiency.

#7: Planning a bad layout

   Unless a homeowner has extensive experience, it is easy to plan a poor layout. Often homeowners’ layouts for doors or cabinet trims are not compatible with electrical outlets or switches, which can lead to significant delays in a project’s completion or future frustrations. Work with a contractor to ensure the best layout to fit the project.

As Brian Walker says: there are far more mistakes can be done, but these 7 are the worst.

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This article was written and edited by Tatiana Walker and Sarah Main.


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a Kitchen - Tips From Seattle Remodeling Contractor
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