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Tucson Short Term Rental Housing Resource Hires New GM

The top resource for Tucson short term rental housing recently announced the hiring of Justin Mayer as the new General Manager.

( -- June 29, 2013) Tucson, AZ --  SunTree Corporate Housing, Tucson's top locally owned and operated resource for people looking for short term furnished rentals in the area, announced today that Justin Mayer has been hired and officially named as the new General Manager.

With the general economy looking like it's finally coming out of its' dolldrums, and real estate in Tucson starting to make a strong comeback too, the market for short term rentals in Tucson is stronger than ever.  

"Our business has been steadily growing over the past few years" says owner and Designated Broker, Jason Mayer.  "There has always been a market for people needing short term furnished housing in Tucson.  But with the recent positive changes in the overall market, we anticipate even stronger growth moving forward.  Justin's new role will help us manage that growth while continuing our focus on the satisfaction of our guests."

While many people think of short term housing as primarily for vactioners who would rather not stay in a hotel, Mayer explains that that only makes up about 10% of their business.  Instead, the vast  majority of guests are either transitioning to Tucson for a new job and haven't yet found a permanent home, or else are already residents here, but need to vacate their homes temporarily while work is completed on it. This may be due to a planned remodel, or due to damage reparations from water or fire.

"Insurance related housing needs make up a significant part of our business" explains Mayer.  "That, as well as quite a few government relocations, especially temporary but extended stays by members of the US Border Patrol."

While Justin Mayer has been involved with his brother's business for a while now, it was their joint decision that they would focus their concerted efforts to bring the highest level of service to anyone needing temporary, short term rentals in Tucson.  To do so, they are overhauling SunTree Corporate Housing with new roles, responsibilites and preparing for a move to a new office.

Justin explains that they believe given a choice, people prefer to do business with locally owned and operated businesses who really have a solid grasp on both the areas and the community.  "We love Tucson" he says.  "If we can help people here by providing exceptional service and exceptional housing to meet their needs, we consider it a priviledge to do so."

He goes on to say that they have made it very easy for people to check the kinds of short term rentals in Tucson that they offer by visiting their website at  They are also always more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and they encourge you to give them a call.


Jason Mayer
SunTree Corporate Housing
P.O. Box 89656 Tucson, Arizona 85752
phone: (520) 940-3025 0r (866) 882-6636

Tucson Short Term Rental Housing Resource Hires New GM
SunTree Corporate Housing announces new GM

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