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HRBL Offers Free Internet Marketing Tool for Local Businesses

Hampton Roads Businesses are expanding their internet marketing by coming forward with their inspiring stories that explore their success, philosophy of business, customer service and the uniqueness of their product or service in a FREE video interview on Hampton Roads Business Live.

Video is still the number one way for a business to tell their story, but the rise of the internet has made it even easier, less expensive and more effective to use. According to YouTube.com, “Over 100 hours of video are uploaded to their website every minute”. This results in it over 6 billion hours of video watched every month and has made YouTube the number two search engine in the world”.

Businesses large and small are setting up YouTube channels and utilizing video in their marketing efforts on their website, blogs and social media such as Facebook. The problem that some entrepreneurs experience is one of quality content, but that may not be a problem any longer with the launch of this new local internet portal.

Hampton Roads Business Live hosts interviews of its business guests, but it’s not your usual business interview. Here’s why:

  • The interview is FREE
  • It is shot in High Definition on a virtual set (Green screen)
  • It is open-ended allowing the guests to really tell their story.
  • It is hosted with its own page on the HRBL website with a company bio and contact information
  • The link to the page can be shared on business cards, social media or email.
  • The guest can take the interview and embed it in their website, share it on Facebook etc.

So what’s the catch? Rory Graham President of the parent company Allied Video Services and its Hampton Roads Business Live division said “A lot of people ask me that, but there really isn’t one. We are doing this primarily to introduce ourselves to other business owners in Hampton Roads. We also want to promote small business owners as passionate, honest, hardworking members of the community. I think that business owners have been portrayed badly in the press over the past few years. There is nothing wrong with working hard building your own business and being successful. Our interviews showcase that and celebrate that success”.

Many area businesses seem to think so too. “Hampton Roads Business Live offered me not only a great opportunity, but some benefits as well - including several that I did not expect,” reported Charlie Glaize of Charlie Glaize Productions. “The open-ended nature of the interview, with no set time limit, caused me to feel totally relaxed, as the only agenda was to discuss one of my life's great passions, my career and business.”

Eddie Dresher of the Crankset Group reported on his experience saying, “"Hampton Roads Business Live was not only a great way to tell our story and share how we help business owners, Rory Graham and Allied Video also gave us the tools and instruction on how to use it with our email, website, and flyers within a few days of production”.

Just about any successful business in Hampton Roads can be featured on the show simply by applying on the website or by phone, meeting briefly with one of the producers to go over basic questions for a unique interview, and setting a date. The live interview content and length of the interview will depend on how much a business wants to share with its prospects and/or customers.

Even churches and non-profits can take advantage of the offer and be featured in its faith and community sections. Pastor Darryl E. Holt of Faith Life Church told us, “Our interview on the Hampton Roads Business Live has allowed our church to immediately multiply it's reach”.

HRBL Director Riescha Bass said “It’s a wonderful experience to see the business owners surprise as they walk out of the green studio set and see their interview playing in HD on a set that looks like the “Tonight Show”. It’s a very professional look and they love it”

Rory Graham summed it up with this. “This website allows the viewer to get more than a sound bite, they get the whole story. They can see who is behind the company and the product or service that they are considering to purchase. The business owner gets to tell their story and express their passion about their product or service. It’s a win – win situation for everyone. The business gets a professional marketing piece, we get introduced to some great business owners and the site visitor gets in-depth information. It’s very powerful”!





HRBL Offers Free Internet Marketing Tool for Local Businesses
HRBL Virtual Set

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