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How To Meditate: Beginners Meditation Techniques Helpful In Free Book

How To Meditate Like Buddha: A Beginner

(Newswire.net -- August 30, 2013) San Francisco, CA -- Meditation, an ancient tool described in several of the world’s sacred texts, has been receiving more attention as of late thanks to scientific breakthroughs that are allowing researchers to study the minds of individuals while they meditate. The results are amazing, clearly demonstrating that meditation can heal the body and mind, leading to numerous papers, articles, and books, being written about one thing: how to meditate. One of these books, How To Meditate Like Buddha: A Beginner’s Meditation Guide written by Julie Schoen, is well-known for its helpful beginners meditation techniques and has received numerous accolades since its publication in February 2012. A small guide promising big benefits, Schoen’s book (normally $2.99 on Amazon) will be free today through Labor Day for students interesting in improving their meditation practice.

Schoen is a professional yoga and meditation instructor in New Mexico, offering both private and public classes for her students. She encourages her students to meditate daily, like herself, in order to really experience the profound changes the practice can have on their life.  

“Meditation can be scary. It leaves you alone with your thoughts, thoughts that you sometimes didn’t even know existed,” says Schoen. “To a bystander, meditation looks like the easiest thing in the world: sit quietly, don’t move, look peaceful. But anyone who has tried it before knows that it is really tough. It takes a lot of dedication, learning to manage frustration and quiet doubt, but it is so worth it.”

Schoen goes on to say that it was meditation that truly changed her life, along with her yoga practice. “I’m a different person today than I was five years ago. And thank heavens for that!” she laughs.

To learn more about how to meditate or to get a free copy of the guide visit: http://www.amazon.com/How-Meditate-Like-Buddha-ebook/dp/B007F2NWI8/


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How To Meditate: Beginners Meditation Techniques Helpful In Free Book
How To Meditate Beginners Meditation

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